World Labyrinth Day

An initiative of The Labyrinth Society, World Labyrinth Day (WLD) is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in May. Thousands of people participate across the globe in this moving meditation for world peace. A brief history of World Labyrinth Day was compiled in 2018 for the 10th anniversary of World Labyrinth Day and 20th anniversary of The Labyrinth Society.

Members of the Labyrinth Society are encouraged to facilitate group walks at public labyrinths to engage the community and amplify our collective energy. World Labyrinth Day is also a great opportunity to introduce others to the path by organizing lectures, workshops, tours, book readings, art exhibitions, or building temporary or permanent labyrinths.


World Labyrinth Day 2020: Saturday, May 2

Celebrate the 12th annual World Labyrinth Day and “Walk as One at 1” in the afternoon to sustain a wave of peaceful energy across all time zones. Build a labyrinth, lead a workshop or facilitate an event, and walk along with thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world.

If you are new to labyrinths, find one to walk in your area using the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator. You can also learn to draw or build a simple labyrinth with links in our resources section below. Already planning an event? Be counted and fill out our survey with the WLD Google Form (link coming soon).

If you are unable to “Walk as One at 1,” other opportunities to participate include tracing a finger labyrinth on paper or using a mobile app. Labyrinth walks and events can also be held in the morning or evening, as others will be walking in unison with you in other time zones. Just as there is a wide variety of uses of the labyrinth, creativity and diversity are encouraged in celebrating this event. Here is a slideshow showcasing a variety of WLD images shared on social media in 2017.

Lima, Peru shared by triskel tacuarembo

Here are a Dozen Ways to Celebrate World Labyrinth Day!

  • Walk as One at 1 in the afternoon (or as time permits) 
  • Trace or draw a finger labyrinth on paper or using a smartphone or tablet app
  • Facilitate or join a group walk
  • Host or join a lecture, workshop, art exhibition or tour
  • Build a temporary or permanent labyrinth
  • Find a new labyrinth or submit an unlisted site to the Labyrinth Locator
  • Write a blog post, newsletter submission, letter to the editor, or article for print or the internet
  • Join the TLS 365 Experience, read the posts and daily suggestion for a walk, design, concept, etc, and comment or share your experience. 
  • Share and view WLD stories, photos, videos on Social Media using the hashtag #LabyrinthDay
  • Read labyrinth books, watch movies, or sing songs
  • Create a labyrinth art project, exhibition, or drawing class
  • Help spread the word by posting flyers, sharing on social media, and listing your event on the TLS Events Calendar. Purchase a WLD t-shirt, sign, mug, or sticker!

Warsaw, Poland by Sylwia Hanff

World Labyrinth Day Local Event Posters (with blank space for your event info):

WLD Poster - Color - print quality (.pdf 2.2MB)

WLD Poster - Grayscale - print quality (.pdf 785K)

For more information about World Labyrinth Day, contact the WLD Coordinator. Press photos are available from previous years for publication in print and online as well as assistance finding local participants for quotes and coverage in your area.